ESG Standards


How The Hive Strives To Become A Low Carbon Building:

“It is a wonderful thing that the council have invested in a number of borough wide energy efficiency projects for the benefit of our community.” - Dr. Terence Lewis, Msc, Bsc, EMA Director Energyst Consulting.


In addition to The Hive’s business support for our community, we also regard our environmental sustainability. Ways we have aimed to achieve this is through; solar panels, energy-efficient heating and  lifts. The Beecroft Building strives to become a low-carbon building.


Solar panels were installed on the roof of the Beecroft Building (2015). They are producing 9,500 kW of electricity per year, saving 3,340 kg.e of carbon emissions per year. - This is the equivalent of 4 hot air balloons full of greenhouse gases!!

Furthermore,outdated lifts were replaced with larger, more energy efficient models including new features (such as displaying how much energy it’s using!)

Similarly, the heating system was also replaced. The project produced a system that allowed for a much more energy-efficient air handling system.

Internal bike racks had also been installed (2017) to encourage more environmentally-friendly means of transportation.

The Hive Enterprise Centre is continuously looking for innovative new ways to improve the energy efficiency of the building currently and moving forward to meet ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) standards.